This year we’re inviting you to “Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.” 

In a world that moves at an ever-increasing pace, the call to “Stop” prompts us all to reflect on the significance of pausing amidst the chaos, to examine societal norms and reassess our personal and professional journeys. 

The heart of our theme lies in “Collaborate,” emphasising the strength found in unity and shared efforts. We’re stronger when we work together rather than against each other.

The final component, “Listen,” challenges us to explore the art of active listening in a world filled with noise, and how, if we all understood the importance of empathy, fostered an open-mind, and promoted meaningful and non-judgemental dialogue, the world would be a better place.

“Stop, Collaborate, and Listen” is a call to action for us to explore ideas that transcend the ordinary, challenge the status quo, and ultimately provide a renewed sense of purpose!

Meet The Speakers (2024)

Meet our speakers for our TEDxWolverhampton 2024 event…


Generations at a Crossroads: Debunking Myths, Bridging Divides

Adele Stickland, MSc, is an organisational psychologist and an ICF-accredited leadership coach dedicated to enhancing internal communication within dynamic corporate environments. Specialising in coaching leaders to cultivate their communication, motivation, and emotional intelligence, Adele equips them to transition effectively from technical specialists to influential generalists.

Her focus is on instilling essential social and collaborative skills like persuasion and motivating others, which are crucial as cultural and economic shifts accelerate. In recent years, Adele has recognised the growing need for robust internal communication strategies that utilise coaching skills to boost team morale and engagement.

Her coaching methods are designed to impart lasting insights, significantly enhancing both personal and professional capabilities of leaders. This results in sustained motivation and improved team engagement, driving higher productivity and profitability across various sectors.


 Inclusive Allyship

Adrian is an executive leader of a Multi Academy Trust, Executive Coach, keynote speaker and trainer. As a former Head Teacher, he knows first hand the pressures and challenges facing people in leadership positions, both in and outside of the education sector. In May 2022 Adrian was invited to the House of Lords to be awarded the Ambassador for Character by the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues.

Adrian is a champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has gained a reputation for the heartfelt, relatable talks and workshops he delivers on this subject. His speaking packs a punch and Adrian is frequently on radio, podcasts and webinars challenging his audiences to think deeply about the roles they play. He is particularly passionate about increasing the number of people from the protected characteristics, in leadership positions, and supporting the ‘usualisation’ of their presence in such positions.


The Power of One, The Strength of Many

Daryl Chambers is the Founder and CEO of InPower Academy CIC, a distinguished social enterprise in Wolverhampton, UK. Daryl’s innovative mentoring program, Contender 2 Champ, has mentored hundreds of young people, guiding them to win awards and achieve national recognition for their community impact.

A celebrated leader, Daryl has earned accolades including the FSB Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the West Midlands Police Community Star. His organisation has for the last 3 years been ranked among the top 100 social enterprises in the UK.

At his TED Talk, Daryl will share insights into how his unique approach to mentoring through martial arts has catalyzed profound change and personal development in youth across the region.


Who are you when you give up your dreams? Life beyond the newsroom.

Emma Rushton is an award winning former journalist having worked for a number of radio stations for the BBC and commercial radio. Emma has reported on major news events including being at the scene of a terrorist attack whilst on holiday in Berlin, the pandemic, War in Ukraine and Cost of Living Crisis. She has interviewed several notable names including politicians and celebrities and one of her biggest achievements was travelling to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon to create a documentary with a charity providing schooling for displaced children.

It was her time working with these charitable organisations which prompted her to set up her own PR and Social Media company when Journalism became too overwhelming. Roseleigh Media specialises in charity PR and she now works with several charities across the country. Having grown up in Wolverhampton and moving away at the age of 18, Emma moved back to the city in 2023 and lives with her parents. She enjoys travelling, loves to cook and is a huge animal lover.


Keeping People Well – a prevention vs cure approach

Kiranjit is a highly acclaimed and qualified psychotherapist and coach with over 10+ years experience in the mental health field. Her endearing commitment to helping others has led to working for a number of well established organisations within the private, public and third sector.

Having worked collaboratively with individuals from different backgrounds, ages, social class and experience in leadership and management roles, Kiranjit understands the difficulties that people and organisations regularly experience. It has never been more important to challenge the stigma that is often associated with mental health and break down the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking the right support.

With many individuals not being able to access private therapy and long NHS waiting lists, Kiranjit founded Keeping People Well CIC – an organisation that delivers talking therapies and wellbeing services that include exercise and diet. The service is for young people, adults and workplaces who want to prioritise wellbeing in order to stay well with a focus on prevention vs cure.

Kiranjit will be delivering a talk entitled Keeping People Well – a prevention vs cure approach where she will be exploring and sharing methods along with lived experiences to help others navigate the current turbulent mental health crisis we are in.


The Era of Who

Kul was born and bred in Wolverhampton, before leaving 41 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer.  His 32 years saw him rise to senior leadership posts, responsible for serious and critical incidents and major investigations.  He was also involved large scale transformation work across the service.

In his years, Kul has learned the powerful impact of building connection, trust and collaboration in relationships.

He now dedicates his life to helping organisations and leaders to create human centric environments where people can thrive.

He is regularly called upon by the media to comment on areas of leadership and culture in organisations and industries.

In his talk, ‘The Era of WHO: Emotional Intelligence Unleashed’ Kul will explore the changed world of work in a post covid environment that has seen our focus shift to a new era – the era of people and why this is such a critical step for leaders and organisations.


Create a life you love, despite your bank balance

Leah, Money Mindset Coach, was born and raised in the Black Country and still lives in the region with her husband and two children.

Following an incredible 18-year career in Accountancy she shifted gears in 2021 after discovering the life of an entrepreneur came riddled with blockages around Self Belief. Upon embarking on her journey into self-development to release the blockages, she found that she had a natural affinity for seeing things in life differently and completely shifted her outlook on life and most importantly herself.

Leah has been described as a non-jargon, non-judgmental, easy-going coach, mentor and friend by those who know and work with her, going with the flow and making you feel at ease while you navigate your journey through life. Leah will be delivering a talk entitled Create a life you love, despite your bank balance, exploring how you can choose to create a life you love every single day, understand that how you show up and what you think has an immense impact on your Self-Belief.


Understanding Toxic Relationships – What are they?

Louise Anne is a Female Empowerment Coach, specialising in overcoming toxic relationships and domestic abuse.
From growing up with an emotionally abusive parent, Louise’s unhealed trauma caused her to allow toxic relationships with others in her life. This resulted in her struggling with her mental health, living within the limitations others set for her.

She made a decision that this wasn’t going to be the example she set for her daughters, and went on to discover the power of healing. She learned modalities that she could teach her daughters and could bring into their day to day life. Louise now teaches what she has learnt to others who find themselves limited by past experiences, using her Abused to Empowered™️ framework.

Louise will be talking about Toxic Relationships – What are they?, an understanding of toxic relationships and the impact they have on our lives.


Stained by the Screen: Nurturing Eye Health amid Digital Overload

Dr. Somto Igboanugo, a dynamic speaker and youth leader, brings a wealth of experience to his role as a capacity-building strategist. With a background spanning healthcare, youth advocacy, and leadership development, Dr. Igboanugo is poised to deliver insightful talks that inspire action.

As a practicing General Practitioner and mentor to clinical trainees, he combines his medical expertise with a commitment to holistic well-being. His interest in eye health also fuels his desire to see everyone keep their vision healthy for a long time.

Dr. Igboanugo’s engaging speaking style, marked by passion and authenticity, captivates audiences with compelling stories and practical insights.

His upcoming TEDx talk, ‘Stained by the Screen: Nurturing Eye Health Amid Digital Overload,’ promises to inspire action and promote eye health in the digital age.


Refirement not Retirement

Wendy Garcarz is a Futurist, Business strategist and Author. She has more than 30 years experience working with women business owners in all sectors helping them create business strategy that achieves growth and success. Her passion is to ensure mature women who want to set up or scale their businesses become more agile and less risk averse, learning how to turn their talents into a commercial advantage.

Wendy has published 5 business books and numerous articles translating business theory into business practice and ensuring solutions to business problems are scalable, practical and very effective. She holds a master’s degree in education and professional development, a range of professional qualifications and is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Wendy is also an author of espionage novels and publishes the Daniel Grant ‘Secrets” series under the pseudonym of Wendy Charlton.

Mature women are vibrant, intelligent, and want to make a valuable contribution but face stereotypes that hinder them once they get to 60. Wendy will talk about reimagining the concept of retirement for those not ready for a life of slippers and afternoon TV.


What’s the Point of Poetry?

Zakariye is a poet, writer, performer and filmmaker from Birmingham. His work often explores masculinity, identity and society. A Roundhouse Poetry Slam finalist, audience winner and collective member, Zakariye has had his short poetry films broadcasted on BBC 4, BBC iPlayer, Flatpack Festival and Verve Poetry Festival. His latest film, commissioned by Apples and Snakes, saw him produce a short poetry film with Aston Villa Football Club.


The Arena Theatre is a friendly 150 seat venue in the heart of Wolverhampton, providing innovative theatre experiences for everyone.


The Arena began life in 1976 in a disused gym in the basement of Wolverhampton Polytechnic, as part of the Drama and Performing Arts department. In addition to student performances, the theatre presented shows by local schools and community groups, as well as professional touring theatre companies and musicians.

With support from the Arts Council of England, the theatre was able to put on more events and open its doors to a much wider audience from outside the polytechnic, becoming a much-loved theatre that offered work reflecting Wolverhampton’s rich cultural diversity.

20 years later, however, the theatre had outgrown its cramped and inaccessible home, so with investment from the University of Wolverhampton and a grant from the National Lottery, an ambitious £2 million refurbishment began.

After 18 months of building work, the Arena Theatre re-opened in October 1999. With greatly improved facilities and access, the theatre was able to expand its programme of performances and events. We now host in excess of 200 public performances per year – in addition to a host of other special events. The work of culturally diverse artists continues to feature strongly in our programme of work and we have developed a reputation as one of the leading venues in the country for our support of Deaf and disabled artists.


Arena Theatre is supported using funding by Arts Council England and by the University of Wolverhampton.

Find out more at:

Getting here:

By car

The Arena Theatre is situated in the heart of Wolverhampton City Centre, directly behind the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and next to the University of Wolverhampton’s Wulfruna building. The theatre is completely accessible by road.

The nearby Broad Street car park is open 24 hours a day and costs £4.50 for 24-hour parking. Parking is £2 after 5.30pm.

If you don’t have change available, you can download the RingGo app directly to your smartphone. The code for Broad Street is 8035.

By train

Wolverhampton train station is a just a five-minute walk away from the Arena Theatre. See the map (link above) for directions.

Arena Photos: Drew White


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Our event is called TEDxWolverhampton, where x = independently organized TED event.

At our event, TED Talks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.


Sat 20th July 2024, Arena Theatre

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