Out of Darkness Cometh Light! – Sunny Dhadley

‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’ is our City’s motto and epitomises the optimism and vigour by which the people of Wolverhampton approach life. Wolverhampton is a City that I love! It has been my home from the age of 6 and been a constant throughout my journey – through some challenging times, to experiences of unbelievable joy.

Although Wolverhampton does have its struggles (like many other parts of the country and world) there is a resilience and pride that transcends all negativity. Whether through the arts, education, services or sports – our inhabitants display commitment, creativity and optimism, twinned with joy, that any human being, anywhere, would find endearing.

Over the past few years, and emerging from the clutches of austerity, we are seeing signs of continual improvement across our infrastructure and systems. We are gearing up to be one of the icons of the UK and I am very proud to play any part in that. Of course there is work to be done in order to diminish the gap in equality and ensure that all current and future generations are able to benefit from the city’s regeneration, but importantly there is a commitment in bridging these gaps.

For over a decade I have delivered services, to a wide range of people within the City. I would always humbled to receive heartfelt gratitude no matter how big or small the part I played was, or indeed regardless of whether the desired outcome had been achieved. People would always be genuinely happy that I was trying my best to assist them in progressing – for me this is the spirit of Wolverhampton.

The diversity within the City, adds a depth to the cultural fabric of the place. This welcoming of others and integration within our streets and provinces displays the level of humanity that inherently exits within us Wulfrunians.

And then there’s our football team – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (Come on me babbies!). The way in which Wolves have progressed and established themselves within the footballing elite is something that we are all proud of but not really overly surprised by.  Our team is where they belong and our city is heading to where it ought to be.

When I heard that TEDx was coming to the place that I call home, I felt excited about this prospect and thought that it was a long time coming. I decided to apply to become a speaker because I have something to say, and what better place to do this than in my own back yard. I felt truly humbled to receive notification that I was successful in my application to become a speaker and eagerly anticipate the spotlight being shone on my wonderful City. I look forward to sharing some of my experiences, knowledge that I have gained and visions for the future at the upcoming TEDx Wolverhampton.

For me, TEDx Wolverhampton is not only about ideas worth sharing, but about a city worth celebrating!

by Sunny Dhadley