Saturday 7th November 2020 live online

Watch the Talks (2021)

We returned to our Ctrl+Alt+Del theme for TEDxWolverhampton 2021, where we explored ‘control’ within society, ‘alternative ways’ of thinking and ideas, approaches and concepts that have been or need deleting to enable us and our communities to grow.

Anne Scrimshaw: The Life Changing Magic of Food

Rebecca Allen: Different is not a bad word: reframing our obsession with being normal

Chris Burden: Sex and Sensibility: A Novel Approach

Nathan John: The Personal Development Myth & My Army Solution

Kupid: The Vibration of rejection, How a moment shapes who we become

Pamilerin Beckley: An end to violence? Rethinking gender, refocusing power

Lisa Burbidge-Brown: Change the Curriculum, Close the Gap!

Gina Patel: Disability and Ambitions

Millie Gould: Putting the ACT in Activism

Pranav Patel: Racism. Why?