Saturday 1st October 2022
Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

Meet The Speakers

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Jin Atwal

‘Waking Up to Your Wake Up Call’

Jin is an Award-Winning Public Speaker and the founder of Magical Mind Coaching and is a Mindset, Confidence and Communication Coach for Children and Young People. His purpose in life is ‘to help ensure all children have the same opportunities to grow into the best version of themselves’. He believes every child is born with a Magical Mind, babies are great communicators, they are resilient and have a growth mindset. However, as a child begins to get older, they begin to create limiting beliefs and become self-conscious about what others think of them which can often impact their mindset, confidence and communication skills. Jin helps unlock their Magical Mind so children once again believe that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Dr Sophie Gwinnet

‘Breaking Free: Three Steps for a Better Romantic Future’

Sophie is a Clinical Psychologist and owner of Brightside Psychology in Wolverhampton. She started her NHS career in 2002 as an Assistant Psychologist working with families in Sandwell. She worked across NHS services with individuals and families in the Black Country and Staffordshire until 2017. Since setting up Brightside Psychology in 2016, she has been supporting adults to adjust to significant life changes, recover from trauma and build better relationships.

Aurea Reis

‘Children of today, are the Adults of tomorrow’

Aurea is an Author, Coach, Speaker and Development Manager. She works for a charitable company supporting Homeless, Migrant and Refugee people. Having experienced her own trauma, Aurea has written a book detailing her journey and healing and now uses her lived experience to help other people overcome their own traumas.

Leyla Okhai

‘The connection between culture, race and mental health’

Leyla is the founder and Director of Diverse Minds UK Ltd. Diverse Minds aims to create a positively productive workplace for all through training, coaching and consultancy. The focus is placed on wellbeing, mental health and by understanding differences. Leyla has over seventeen years’ experience in developing and implementing diversity, inclusion and equality practices, with senior leadership teams. She is also the host of the award-winning Diverse Minds Podcast, a weekly show about mental health and inclusion.

Ellie Turner

‘Reworking Networking’

With over a decade of experience in events and client relations within luxury hospitality (most recently as Head of Events for Bvlgari Hotel London) Ellie’s career to date has revolved around producing partnerships and events for luxury brands including Patek Philippe, Fendi & LVMH. As a consultant, she works with businesses to develop their client relationships through community and events strategy. She is also the Founder of Rise Network, a community offering practical advice and resources to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and pursue a career they love, through meaningful connection and collaboration.

Madison Miller

‘How nature sounds promote relaxation during times of crisis’

Madison is an international PhD student studying music soundscapes at the University of Wolverhampton. Her current research is a multimedia creative practice in soundscapes, incorporating sights and sounds through online channels. This is done using field recordings and photography that inspire relaxation. Her academic background is in various subjects, having a BA in Philosophy, English, and Psychology (USA), and an MA in Media and Communication (UK). She currently volunteers as Digital Officer for the Music and Mental Health Group, has won 2 consecutive awards for operating Society of the Year at the University of Wolverhampton for founding the Doctoral Students Society, and holds 2 awards for her photography presented at the University of Wolverhampton Student Research Conference.

Cath Lloyd

‘Children of Transgender Parents Need Support Too’

In 1987, Cath’s father made the shocking confession that he was a transsexual and wished to become a woman. Although she wanted to be supportive, Cath didn’t want to lose her dad, and it was hard to accept his decision. In those days, asking for help wasn’t the norm, and gender issues like this were swept under the carpet. Throughout the years of emotional, conflicting and tormenting thought processes, Cath wondered if life was ever going to feel normal again. Cath now works with the children of transgender parents to help them overcome communication barriers so they begin to live an authentic life.

Gavin Rogers

‘Art School: Time to open the doors, wide!’

Gavin is a visual artist based in Birmingham. His practice is situated across a range of media, but is currently exploring issue-based sculptures – large moving sculptures that raise awareness of important social and public issues. Gavin has presented work at a number of international venues including the NGA, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, TATE Liverpool as well as many local venues in the West Midlands. Gavin has worked in and around art education over the past 15 years with young and adult learners, giving voices to communities and other artists has been central to his practice.

Charlotte Davies

‘If your life were a book, is it a story you’d want to read?’

Charlotte is a Wolverhampton-based copywriter and messaging strategist. Charlotte worked in PR for 8 years across a number of industries including music and food, spent 4 years working at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre managing Events and Business Development and has taught English as a second language in Italy, Spain and online to kids and teenagers in China through the pandemic. Charlotte started her copywriting business in April 2021. She also runs workshops on copywriting and business development skills. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys cooking new recipes, travelling and playing with her nieces and nephews.

Louise Anne

‘Paving the way for domestic abuse laws – the victims without recognition’

Growing up Louise had an emotionally abusive and narcissistic father. When he did finally leave her life when she was 16, she was so conditioned by him, that his absence caused her to suffer from anorexia and depression. She attempted to take her own life. Not receiving any help with her mental health at the time she ended up in a relationship with an emotionally abusive man. After 3 years of marriage and having 2 daughters Louise discovered her husband was having an affair. This time Louise sought help knowing that she had to take care of her daughters and lead by example. She was medicated for a short time and had CBT. However it was her personal search for deeper healing that caused the biggest change in Louise. Now in a loving and secure relationship and with 2 more daughters Louise is on a mission to spread the knowledge that has helped her and to give hope to others that may need it.

Ciandra Birnbaum

‘Effects of Being a Social Media Influencer on Mental Health, Self Identity, and Mental Well-being’

Ciandra is an ex social media influencer and social media and marketing professional, currently working as Social Media and Community Manager for Sleepiest, Koko Sleep – Kids Bedtime Pod, and Sleep Wave Podcast. She also runs a successful Mental Health Advocacy Instagram, Flourish with Ciandra created to help women shift their deep-rooted negative beliefs about food and their bodies, heal their relationship with food, and find body acceptance. Ultimately her mission is to help others live a life of food and body freedom so they can focus on living their lives to the fullest.

Luke Tyburski

‘Generate Momentum with 1% Thinking’

Luke Tyburski’s an ex professional footballer, who now takes on some of the world’s most extreme ultra-endurance challenges. Luke’s entire life has been about performance, overcoming obstacles while dealing with setbacks to achieve his daily best. From running through the Sahara desert, down Mt Everest, and across a tropical forest in China without food, water, or any money – Luke’s ability to deal with adversity is second to none. He has translated his personal experiences of battling depression alone for nearly a decade, overcoming an eating disorder, insomnia, and twice standing on tops of bridges not wanting to live anymore, into insightful and powerful lessons in understanding & taking care of your mental health and wellbeing daily.