Jules Mitchell

All the best people are M.A.D!

Jules is a trailblazer in her field cutting through the negativity that surrounds mental and emotional health; giving people back the power and the positivity that both a conditioned society and ‘the system’ can so often strip them of. She is, in a nutshell, MAD ABOUT HAPPINESS! Not the old paradigm of ‘getting happiness’ (I’ll be happy when I GET the money, house, partner, etc.) but the inner happiness you feel when you actually GET life, GET yourself and live with the knowing that you’re in creative control of life on your own terms. She’s spent the last 20 years exploring and experimenting with the science of happiness and is now regarded as an expert in her field.

Jules shares how we are often unaware of our full potential becoming hardwired to accept stress as the norm. This can manipulate our thinking, chip away at our self-worth and keep us living SMALL stressful lives.

She is the founder of Big Happiness and is on a mission to Make A Difference in this world, one Jules’ Joyshot at a time! She specialises in delivering training on Self Intelligence to both companies and individuals seeking a happier and more meaningful life. Jules is a resident expert on BBC radio and has been featured on TV on both ITV and BBC. She has written articles for Psychologies, Top Sante and Woman and is an author of 4 books that were commissioned by the RAF to support families with their mental and emotional resilience.

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