Charlotte Watkivs

How I live A Zero Waste Life (almost) every day

Charlotte Watkivs co runs the blog A Zero Waste life and the not-for-profit Zero Waste in the Community. She has sent no rubbish to landfill in over two years. This has been achieved by reducing her need for single use items, repurposing and reusing old items into something new, recycling what can’t be reused, and rotting organic waste.

Through lived experience, Charlotte noticed the discourse between large environmental issues and people knowing what changes to be made on a personal level to address these issues.

Both Charlotte’s businesses empower lifestyle adaptations addressing waste to create happier, cleaner cities.

She runs community based projects both digitally through the blog and physically in Birmingham, working with schools, colleges and businesses to lower their waste, save money and feel connected with the choices they can make to effect their local and wider community.

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