Saturday 7th November 2020 @ Arena Theatre

Meet The Performers

As well as our stellar line up of speakers, we are bringing you some wonderful Wulfrunians in the shape of our 2020 performers…

Alex Vann

Alex Vann is a Wolverhampton singer/songwriter with many years’ experience in bands, duets and as a solo artist.

He started writing songs as a teenager and has a highly distinctive acoustic guitar style, impassioned vocals and plays piano and many other instruments in his live shows and on his albums.

He has a knack for writing catchy choruses and his music has been used on television, film and radio.

He has released many self-produced albums throughout his musical career and also provides song writing workshops in education and community settings.

He has tackled many difficult subjects in his writing with the aim of making them accessible to a wide audience. These include: domestic abuse, dementia, the Holocaust, the Deaf world and LGBT issues.


Wolverhampton (DanceBox), is the biggest dance school in the city and has been running for 21 years. From small weekly classes in 1999 to now running 5 days a week with a foot fall of over 500 people passing through the studio weekly.

Specialising in Street, Hip-Hop,Ballet and Contemporary dance styles, DanceForce also offers
Musical Theatre and Drama classes. Their award-winning crews have recently attended the World Championships and hold many titles.

Dave Pitt

Dave Pitt is an award winning playwright, performance poet, story teller and workshop facilitator.

Dave’s plays have been performed in many places, most recently in the 14:48 theatre festival in Seattle.

He has performed poetry around the country both solo and as part of the group, “Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists.” He hails from Darlaston and now lives in Wolverhampton.

“Black Country Stormzy” – Jimmy Andrex. Performance Poet.

“Dave Pitt took an already superb atmosphere and turned it up a notch or two with a superb set. We definitely hope to bring him back to Oooh Beehive again in the future.” – Oooh Beehive, Swindon.

“Voice of Social Justice” – Review of Performance Poetry gig.

Megan Reece

Megan Reece is a Wolverhampton-born Singer, songwriter and artist. 

Her musical education began when she was introduced to performers like Ray Charles and
Nina Simone at a tender age, and Megan developed a strong passion for blues, soul and

Megan has performed on many a big stage, and most notably appeared on TV’s The Voice in 2016. She is accompanied by the enormously talented acoustic guitarist Ben Bartlett at this event.

Omar Spence

Omar started dancing at the age of 18, having been inspired from a young age since discovering that his father had been part of the original generation of bboys in the UK. Initially he started off with attending breaking classes while teaching himself elements of popping, locking, hip-hop and house dance. After graduating he became part of the crew Transit Trix, the same crew who ran the class.

Omar has a great passion for hip-hop culture and what it has done for him as a person since he began dancing; “I love the change it can effect in people. Seeking to always maintain a clean and smooth approach to all my styles with as high a degree of originality as possible, I heavily value the dance aspect to all my styles over the athleticism or illusions. I take great care to study the history of all my styles believing that you can’t innovate and move a style into the future without knowing where the styles come from.”


The Oneironauts (pronounced o-near-o-nauts) are a local Wolverhampton band. Their name means dream travellers as within their music you’ll find the exploration of dreams, emotion, fantasy, identity and rhythmic tastiness! 

Taking their influence from ancient mythology and dream concepts they weave a narrative that takes listeners on a journey; blending Hip hop, Rap, Neo soul, Fusion, Jazz and fluid lyrical content to provoke deep philosophical thought.

Oneironauts perform across the UK and have collaborated with Sofar Sounds, Jameson Whiskey, Stable Pizza, Stay Loose Records and Crazy Co Distillery while also performing at local venues across Wolverhampton. Last year they performed at Future Bubblers Block Party and the Shindig Festival and are currently working on a pilot with the BBC.

Tanya Blue

Hailing from a musical background, Tanya had her debut at the age of three, singing with her
dad on stage.

Growing up with music, surrounded by a father who pioneered Bhangra in Britain and a Jazz
loving mother, this evidently impacted her and formed the eclectic sound she has today.

Tanya embraced music, learnt guitar and was harmonising to everything she heard at ten. In her teens, she began singing in church, influencing her musicianship greatly.

Tanya now sings a variety of genres and as a professional singer, performs music from the
1940s to modern day chart music in various settings.

Photo credit: Sam Rahi